The tech world moves fast, and unless you are paying close attention you could miss some pretty cool advances or changes in the industry. This week has been a pretty big one, so here are four things that have happened, which you will definitely want to know about. 

1) Google Translate Updated With Groundbreaking Real Time Translation Feature 

Google has released a major new update to their Translate mobile app that could be a game changer for the already popular service. You can now speak into the app in English, and it will provide a real time translation into Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Russian, or Italian. When you are outside of a reliable internet signal it will still work by snapping a photo of text, and give you a translation based on the visual.

This is not the first time such an app has existed. But the force, talent and money of Google behind its development promises a more complete and accurate translation app than those that have come before it. 

2) Facebook Launches “Facebook At Work”, Limits Violent Content 

Facebook has announced the latest in their attempt to completely derail your productivity, by pretending that they are helping you be productive. Those sneaky bastards.

They have launched Facebook At Work, a version of the social media site that allows you to connect with work colleagues without adding them to your official friends list, something that will solve a lot of awkward problems faced by people in offices around the world.

It provides a different color theme, so it is immediately distinguishable from the normal Facebook network. If you are on it as someone walks by, they won’t think you are wasting time. You are simply connecting with colleagues!

Another positive for those who fear coming across NSFW content while on the job is a filter for violent  content. Following a surge of videos and images of be-headings, shootings, animal abuse and more, Facebook has added a filter to keep such content from showing without specifically clicking it in your feed. 

3) Apple Watch Gets Spring Release Date 

Apple has been teasing us with the release of its Apple Watch for far too long. Now, we finally have a release date, if not an exact one. According to reports, the Apple Watch is set to go on sale in Spring 2015, with many reporting March.

We also know that it will cost somewhere around the $350 range, rather high for a watch, and yet fair if you have seen the specs and features of the piece. 

4) Factory Sealed NES “Stadium Events” Cartridge Hitting $100K In Auction 

An eBay auction has been gaining a lot of traction as it sells off Stadium Events, one of the rarest NES games in existence. Not only is this game almost impossible to find, but it is factory sealed, and in perfect condition as a consequence. That makes it the ultimate collector’s dream, which would explain why at the time of this writing it has nearly hit $100,000.

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