Early success in your career is not a fluke. There is a certain type of person who can realize their goals without getting slowed down by the obstacles in front of them. If you’ve got ambition and you’ve got drive, consider these four traits to complete the set.


Early career success demands urgency. If you’re able to wait till tomorrow to finish your important goals, you can forget about beating competitors to the punch. To be one of the best or one of the first, there is no time to achieve like the present. Don’t sit back and wait for your success to arrive, put a fire under your ass to get results faster.


Confidence, independent-thinking, and pursuing your personal vision without interference are the marks of a self-assured person. Self-assurance allows you to ignore the critics and bounce back from failures. To succeed early, you need to know that you are capable of the achievements you set for yourself. Henry Ford’s famous quote is “Whether or not you think you can, you’re right.” You need faith in yourself to succeed.


Making it big in your career requires advanced knowledge in many different fields besides the one you specialize in. Even the world’s greatest need help to make their visions into reality. Mentors are a key ingredient to early success because they provide the experience and know-how that young people need to get further than they could alone. Confidence is great, but ignoring the advice of people who have already learned more than you is a surefire way to deny yourself the insights you need to succeed earlier than the rest. Link up with an experienced mentor to unlock your full potential.


The most successful people understand the importance of leverage, a broad term. It applies to time, money, and power. Time is the only resource that can never be reclaimed and the most successful people never waste it. They find the best ways to turn their efforts into the most scalable projects. Making a good wage is fine for living comfortably, but if you’re out to achieve something great, you need to invest your time as wisely as possible. Especially as things begin to pick up speed and demands on time get larger, the greatest achievers find ways to make their time worth more and more without losing it to the tiny details that arrive.