We have previously done a post here at Mensbe about iPhone apps that can freshen up your workout. But what about apps for both the Android and iPhone? If you want a constant stream of new fitness recommendations without any equipment needed (except your smartphone), check these five out. 

C25k (Android, iPhone) 

You have probably heard of Couch to 5k at this point. It is a program that gets people who are either beginners, or out of practice, out and running. It prepares them for a 5k in a couple of weeks, upping the ante every week with longer stretches of running.

This app both contains the program, and tracks your progress. You can customize your plan, and change the intensity of each interval. It is a much more interactive way to reach your running goals. 

Sworkit (Android, iPhone) 

While the program creators promise you will see results in a little as five minutes a day, that is debatable. What isn’t is the fact that this is an incredibly thorough workout app filled with body weight exercises you can do anywhere, any time.

They have 160 exercises to choose from, which you can build into your own custom routines for any length of time, or part of the body. If you have special needs, like having to avoid a part of the body due to an injury or condition, that can be factored in. 

7 Minute Workout (Android, iPhone, Browser) 

As someone who works on a computer all day, this is a personal favorite of mine. I am not a big fan of overly complicated fitness apps that have to be tailored, because I just don’t have the time or energy. I want to workout, log it, and move on.

It doesn’t get much simpler than 7 Minute Workout. You get on the app or the browser version, start the timer, and do the workouts they suggest for the time that they recommend. It requires literally no thought, a sea urchin could do it. 

500 Body Weight Challenge (Android, iPhone) 

Prefer something a bit more structured? Then maybe you should take the 500 Body Weight Challenge. The app contains all of the exercises, and a timer to help you perform them. The great thing about the challenge is that not only does it teach you new moves, but it works on an advancing scale. So you start from the beginning, and get challenged more as you go.

The final goal is to do all 500 someday. It is a lofty one to accomplish. 

Endomondo (Android, iPhone, Browser) 

Connect this app to your heart rate or fitness monitors, manually track indoor exercises, and automatically track any outdoor, distance based activity. You will get audio reminders during your workouts that keep you on track and allow you to adjust.

The real point of this app is to analyze your performance, and see the gains you make over time. There is also a social element, if you enjoy sharing with friends.

Leave your fitness app suggestions here!