With Marvel ready to release the next twenty years of movies featuring old comic stalwarts in gritty reboots, superheroes are everywhere. As a girl who grew up reading comics and enjoying the fantastic cartoon series of the 90’s (X-Men, Spiderman, Batman TAS, Mighty Max, TMNT, and the like), I will admit to being a total sucker for all of it.

In hopes that some of our readers share my juvenile obsession, here are five mobile apps that can make you feel like a bit of a superhero. You don’t even need to be bitten by a radioactive spider to use them.

Superhero Workout (iOS, Android) 

As the pilot of the latest gadget in warfare, the AEGIS One battlesuit, you are now tasked with defending planet Earth from alien invaders. But it is not uranium, or plasma crystals, or any of that nonsense that fuels the suit. No, it is your crunches.

It is a silly idea, but an effective way to get through mini workouts that can be done anywhere. It comes with twenty missions, 7-minute routines, and a lot of gameplay to make it more fun. You can sync it with Apple TV, if you have the iOS version. Or just use your phone’s sensor to track your progress. 

First Aid (iOS, Android) 

You may be thinking this is the lamest super power ever. But every badass needs to be able to be able to treat their wounds (or the wounds of their team). This is the official Red Cross first aid app, and it is incredibly thorough. Just search through for the emergency, and get extensive information on treatment.

It also comes with quizzes, so you can test yourself on your knowledge and always be prepared, even without the phone. So if you are ever lost in the Andes with twelve minutes to stop a nuclear blast, and your companion has a snake bite, you will know what to do. 

Night Vision (iOS, Android) 

Having night vision goggles is pretty much an unspoken requirement of all crime fighting. So much so that they created what might be one of the stupidest tropes ever based around the idea, and gave it to Batman (ahem, “detective mode”).

Now, you can turn your camera into a night vision tool. It works surprisingly well, and without that green filter that makes you feel like you’re on a ghost hunting show. 

Radiation Alarm (Android) 

Let me state right off the bat that I have no idea if this works, or not. I would suspect not as well as it claims. But it is still pretty cool, right? 

Comics (iOS, Android) 

Of course, if none of the above interests you, you could always just read some comics. Maybe it isn’t as direct, but on the plus side you don’t have to move out of your seat to do it. Sometimes, it is nice to give into the lazy, hedonistic couch dweller in all of us. You could even call it your super power, if you want…Apathy Man! With the power of ‘meh’!

Have any other apps you think belong on this list? Leave them in the comments.