If you want to get laid tonight, science is on your side. Every man needs sex as part of a healthy lifestyle and more research is shedding light on the benefits of having more sex. They may not be the sexiest pick-up lines, but the biological benefits of having more sex are all the evidence you need to know that it’s in your best interest to get it in as much as possible. Here are five reasons you should have more sex, starting tonight.

  1. Orgasms Prevent Cancer

Walkathons and fundraisers are great ways to fight cancer, but wouldn’t you rather have sex? Research shows that men who ejaculate more frequently are less likely to develop prostate cancer. Ejaculations are theorized to flush the carcinogens from your prostate. Most studies say that between 12-21 orgasms per month should be enough to fight off cancer in the prostate. Besides cancer, regular sex has also shown to lower blood pressure and decrease the risk of heart disease. Becoming Superman all starts in the bedroom.

  1. Sex Relieves Stress

At the end of a long, grueling day at work, let off a little steam by getting hot and heavy with your partner. Orgasms release oxytocin (the hormone that makes you feel warm and happy) into the bloodstream. Orgasms force the body to let go of tension immediately after the climax. A good ejaculation can work wonders for those stiff shoulders and neck. Beyond the physiological effects, feelings of intimacy and closeness with a partner go a long way to promoting a better sense of personal well-being and fulfillment.

  1. Sleep Better Afterwards

Most men already know all about this benefit. Sex promotes a deeper, more restful state of sleep thanks to the feel-good hormones it releases. In particular, the body releases prolactin into the bloodstream after an orgasm, which causes almost-instant relaxation and sleepiness. So have a nightcap and get intimate with your partner, but don’t forget about them after you get your coma-inducing dose of prolactin.

  1. More Sex, Better Sperm

The more ejaculations you have, the better your sperm quality. After you flush one batch of your swimmers, your testicles have already started whipping up the next one. With more sex, you have a higher fertility rate and a better quality of sperm overall. Especially if you’re trying to conceive, give your kids the best building blocks you can by having sex at least two to three times a week.

  1. Strong Orgasms, Strong Immune System

Your immune system will thank you if you have more sex. Scientific studies have shown that men who have more ejaculations have a resultantly higher leukocyte count in their blood stream. Leukocytes are the cells that target and destroy viruses, germs and other types of antigens in your body. Trials have shown that it only takes two to three orgasms per week to improve your immune system. But save yourself the chafing if you’re trying to cure a cold; your immune system gets more benefit from a healthy diet, exercise, and sleeping enough.