If you’ve been finding that your workouts are starting to feel a little stale and you’re not sure what to do, fear not because we have just the selection of iPhone apps you need to kick start your motivation.

ProFitness Trainer

There are countless health and fitness apps that tend to focus on either exercise or nutrition, but one thing we really liked about ProFitness Trainer is how it marries the two disciplines in one convenient app.

Not only does it come equipped with a range of pre-set workouts but you can also design your own programs, calculate your caloric requirement, and learn all about new exercises in the Anatomy section.

Steve Cotters Kettlebell Encyclopedia

Perhaps what your routine needs is a complete overhaul, and what better way to do this than to have fun with some kettlebells.

Kettlebell training can be pretty darned intense if done right, but either way this app gives you just about everything you need to learn the basics of handling kettlebells and getting the most from each workout.

With demonstrations of more than 60 different kettlebell exercises, Steve Cotters Kettlebell Encyclopedia for iPhone is definitely one to check out.

Fleetly Fitness

Fitness tracker apps are all well and good but we prefer ones that offer an integral sense of progression, which Fleetly Fitness definitely delivers.

You can earn points within the app by recording your workouts, allowing you to increase your Fitness Level and earn medals as you go.

What’s more, there is an awesome social media element to Fleetly Fitness that allows you to create or participate in challenges; perfect for boosting your motivation and interacting with like-minded fitness fanatics!

Challenges by Nexercise

Speaking of challenges, this cool app by Nexercise takes the gamification of fitness even further by adding an XP or experience points element that allows you literally level up by performing various activities.

From walking to weightlifting to daily household chores, Challenges by Nexercise takes everything into consideration.

The best thing about all of this is that you can actually trade in the points you earn for real prizes; what could be more motivating than that!


With real-time audio prompts, social media integration, and the ability to use the app through your Pebble smartwatch, the developers over at Endomondo.com are definitely a cut above the rest.

This app uses your iPhone’s built-in GPS to monitor your workouts when you run, walk, or cycle, but you can also enter all of your sessions manually while tracking everything from your heart rate to your hydration levels.

Endomondo also offers a premium membership option where you’ll receive a personalized training plan catering to your goals and current fitness levels, so this is definitely an option worth considering if you’re at a loss as to which direction to take your fitness endeavors in.