For as long as there have been body builders, there have been dietary supplements.  One of the most popular is Creatine.  Creatine has been around for decades and the benefits explain why.

It can boost muscle mass

Since the late 80’s the creed of bodybuilders across the nation has been “Get Huge.”  In bodybuilding competition, the biggest muscles tend to win.  Creatine can help in this drive for more mass.  It causes water retention in the muscles, thus increasing their size.  Though most Creatine users are men, it has shown to have an even greater increase in a female body builder’s muscle mass.

Increases Endurance

Creatine increases endurance all around but especially in sports where short bursts of energy are needed.  It has shown significant increases in weight lifting where an incredible amount of energy is expended.  It has also caused drastic improvement in the starts of sprinters and jumpers.  Swimmers use it to increase their reaction time off the block.  It has shown an all-around improvement of 10% in the first 30 seconds.  This may sound small, but when seconds count, it can mean the race.

Decreased Muscle Fatigue

Muscle fatigue is brought on with the production of lactic acid in the muscle tissue.  Creatine decreases the production of lactic acid.  This provides longer workouts and better results from those work outs.  The lactic acid causes the athlete to feel a burning sensation.  Since creatine blocks this, greater workout productivity results.

Weight Gain

Weight gain, especially in body building is a huge goal.  Some people do not gain as quickly or as much as others.  Creatine helps in that area.  Most Creatine users have seen great increases in a much shorter time than if they had not used the supplement.

Brain Power

The increased energy created by Creatine, leads to a total increase in focus and productivity.  Those taking Creatine have reported a noticeable hike in the length of time of their focus and acting on that focus.  It has also caused substantial help in memory function of vegetarians and elderly people.  Vegetarians lack the intake of meat, which is a main source of Creatine.  As we get older, creatine naturally decreases within the body.

Medical Benefits

Physicians and researchers have just begun to scratch the surface on what potential Creatine has in certain medical conditions.  Diseases like Alzheimers, Muscular Distrophy, and Parkinsons have all begun testing Creatine on patients.  Some excellent preliminary findings have caused a spike in research.  They are not just researching conditions involving muscle atrophy or deterioration but in several other areas as well.  Creatine has been shown to increase the HDL cholesterol (good) and decrease the LDL cholesterol (bad).  It also has shown a testosterone boost which men with prostrate issues can benefit from.  Bone density, post-injury and surgical procedures are a few more areas where scientific study has begun.

A lot of supplements have been given a bad rap over the years – some with due cause.  Creatine has stood the test of time, producing results and opening up new opportunities for help with diseases and conditions that could potentially change lives.