Your place says a lot about your lifestyle. You can make all the right moves, but if your lady gets to your place and finds it too funky, you might lose that second date. Women can be very selective when it comes to picking a man, so don’t give your potential partners any ammunition against your long-term attractiveness. Here are some ways to set the mood, keep your date engaged, and score another visit back to your apartment.

  1. Décor

The first thing any woman will notice is how your place looks. The way you decorate says a lot about your style, your interests, and your priorities. Don’t be ashamed to put up the things that are most meaningful to you. That being said, you should try to present yourself as a mature and responsible man, so consider the nature of your decorations. Posters of naked chicks were cool in high school, but they are a major turn off to the girl who might want to be the center of your world.

  1. Music

A relaxed atmosphere does a lot to set the tone for the time you spend in your apartment with a girl. Music is a great way to keep conversation flowing and reduce tension. You don’t have to know her favorite bands or artists, but try to choose music that anyone could listen to without cringing. If you can get a feel for her musical tastes beforehand, plan accordingly. But even the radio will help take pressure of your conversations and fill in some of the gaps during your hangout.

  1. Cleanliness

This is easily the most important factor for most women when they visit your place. A man that can’t keep his personal space neat and organized is seen as a bad partner because it makes him seem careless and childish. Even if you’ve never been an organized or clean person, spend some extra time cleaning up your place before going out or sending invites. The few minutes it takes to tidy up could be very influential.

  1. Pets (in moderation)

Girls love a guy that can take care of them. Pets are a great way to show that you are responsible and loving. Each girl is different, but all of them recognize that taking care of another living thing is a good sign for your long-term reliability. Too many pets can be off-putting though, so if you’re someone with more than one or two animals make sure you find a pet-friendly date.

  1. Hobbies

Your apartment is a collection of all the most important things in your life. The ways you spend your time will be obvious to anyone visiting, so highlight your favorite hobbies. If you’re an athlete, keep your trophies organized and your stinky gear away from her nose. If you’re a musician, keep your instruments in their proper places and in tune. No matter what your hobby, don’t be afraid to show it off in moderation. Own your interests.

  1. Fun

If girls are having fun, they will almost always come back for more. No matter what’s going on with your apartment, try to create a laid-back atmosphere that anyone can enjoy. Plan a few different activities in case things start to get slow, but don’t put too many expectations on yourself or your lady because it will create too much pressure. Be ready to call it a night and show her out, she’s not a prisoner. A group environment can be good for keeping the stakes lower, but in some cases the girl would rather have a one-on-one with you. Be sure to pay attention to how she’s feeling, as you are responsible for setting the tone in your own place.