Meeting a new girl, establishing a connection, and making your relationship last require confidence, consideration and a little bit of creativity. Those qualities are easily within reach for any guy, no matter your looks or your money. These dating tips will help you tap into your inner smoothness without changing who you are on the surface. It’s all about having a plan, taking things slow, and being fully present in the moment.

Don’t Rush the Intro, Make Seconds Count 

Picking up strangers is a roll of the dice, but winners are made every day. Given just a few moments on the street or a short elevator ride in the office, you need to be able to seize the moment without choking it to death. If a lady catches your eye, all you need to do is introduce yourself and offer her an option to get to know you. You don’t need the entire connection to happen all in the first exchange. Ask for her number, for a weekend date, or some other way to talk again. Keep it short and sweet. 

Eye Contact

The first point of connection between you and your crush should be the eyes. You will instantly have a much better idea of what she’s feeling towards you once you’ve made eye contact. Don’t check her out longer than you need to and don’t let your eyes show her you’re interested in something besides getting to know her. You can tell a lot from the way a girl looks at you, and she can tell the same from you.

Low Pressure First Date Makes a Second one Easier

When choosing a first date, keep it light and casual. That doesn’t mean fast food, it means something that either of you can approach without stress or anxiety. Dinner dates can be too forced and sometimes off-putting to a girl that just wanted to try you out. Try a coffee date, drinks at a bar, or inviting them to a mutual gathering of friends. If she finds it easy to spend time with you, it’ll be much easier to get a second date. 

Manners Matter 

Etiquette is not dead, despite what the cynics may say. Most women are looking for men that will treat them with respect, so make the extra effort to show off good manners. Open doors for your date, walk between her and street-traffic, don’t scope out nearby eye-candy, and pay the bill without argument. 

Get a Second Opinion

If you’re struggling to make the right decision for a date, you should definitely ask for a second opinion. Talk to family members and friends about your plans and ideas to see if they make sense. It helps to reach out to female friends, as their insights will not only be more relevant, but will also give you the confidence that your lady will agree too.

Social Media Helps, but Don’t Obsess

Online dating is the new rage, but it is still in its early phases. Mobile apps and social media are a great boost to your social life without much effort, but it can lead to shallow and unsubstantiated connections. The fact that it takes so much less effort is one of the main reasons that there are so many false starts on internet dating sites. You can pick someone based on their stated interests and looks, but remember that a meaningful connection will have to go much further to last.

Be Brave, Be Confident

Ultimately, your success with women is based on confidence. Remember that there is no harm in trying to catch a pretty woman’s eye. Sure, you might get a little bit ego-hurt, but the opportunities to find love will always be more significant than the momentary sting of rejections. You can be rejected 100 times, but if you find the perfect girl at 101, it would all be worth it. Take pride in your interests and your life. If you believe you’re interesting and valuable, so will others. It takes bravery to approach a new girl, but its confidence that will keep her thinking about you after you walk away.