A midlife crisis can make you question the choices you’ve made in life and shake your beliefs at their foundations. Every crisis is also an opportunity, so make the most of your midlife opportunity. Instead of making an irresponsible purchase or having an affair, you can use this profoundly challenging period to branch out in new directions. Here are some proactive ideas to cure a midlife crisis before it becomes destructive.

  1. Craftwork 

Working with your hands is a great way to find a meaningful purpose. No matter your interests, there is some hobby waiting to fill your time. Try your hand at building furniture, restoring an old car engine, constructing plane models, whatever! The act of creation can be extremely gratifying, especially because you can always scrap one project and start another one with ease.

  1. Hit the Gym 

Sometimes a midlife crisis is the result of a change in your personal image. Aging can lead to a loss of confidence and energy, but that’s not irreversible. Get back in shape to regain the vitality that you took for granted as a younger man. Running, swimming, cycling, or lifting weights are great ways to get your blood flowing and inspire yourself with a new body image.

  1. Gardening


Gardening is another way to get busy and create something to feel proud about. Spend some time in the outdoors and do some landscaping. Plant a new tree, rearrange your lawn with new hedging, or start a vegetable garden.


  1. Charity


Giving back to the community is a great way to reclaim some of your self-esteem. If you’ve been feeling ungratified by your work, volunteer somewhere that will show you how important it is to perform charity. The gratitude and goodwill you will receive in turn should be enough to take you out of your rut. Try visiting a local nursing home, a community center for youths, a hospital, or even the clichéd soup kitchen.


  1. Write a Book


The creative act of writing can take you far away from yourself and let you explore a fantasy of your own. There are two routes to take to cure a midlife crisis with writing: you can write the story of your life or put down that sci-fi movie idea you always wanted to see become a reality.


  1. Coach Little League

Coaching a team in a youth sports league is a great way to reconnect with your younger self. Pick a sport you’ve always loved and find a team that you can lead to the championships. The best bet is to volunteer for your own children’s sports teams because it offers two benefits: you can strengthen your family relationships by becoming more involved in your children’s lives and you’ve got something new to do with your time. But even if your kids don’t play sports, there are also opportunities in many different organized recreational leagues for volunteers to coach.


  1. Therapy


The midlife crisis is sometimes a confusing jumble of regrets, disappointment and bitterness. Therapy and other types of counseling are the best way to untangle your feelings, especially if you’re not an introspective person. Just talking out your problems can make a world of difference, and with an objective, professional listener, you can pick out the important facts from your messy feelings. There are many types of counseling, just like there are many causes for midlife crises. Consider personal therapy, marriage counseling, or family counseling.