5 Eye-Opening Reasons to Have More Sex Tonight

If you want to get laid tonight, science is on your side. Every man needs sex as part of a healthy lifestyle and more research is shedding light on the benefits of having more sex.

Fighting With My Woman, What’s the Best “I’m Sorry” Gift?

A gift isn't the answer. When these things take place we don't want more gifts. Take time to write her a short note. It's thoughtful and she realizes you took the time to write it, that means something.

When a Woman Goes Down on Me, am I Obligated to Do Her?

Well, not exactly. Not all of us enjoy oral excitement...but most do. If your not into it just don't expect her to give without receiving.

The Gentleman’s Guide to Breaking Up with your Girl

She’s not the one, but she’s still somebody. When you’re making the final break up, there are some important things to keep in mind to preserve your sanity and hers too.

My Last Girlfriend Gave Me STD, How Do I Tell the Girl I’m Dating?

It takes a great guy to fess up, so good for you. The conversation does not need to be weird, STD's are a fact of life. Don't be lookig at getting physical right off, hold off for 1-3 dates, but that's all.

I Want Girls to Notice Me at the Bars Without Looking Like Douche –...

One of the mistakes most men make is trying to hard. It doesn't matter what your wearing or what you look like, we want men that are comfortable with themselves.

I’ve Been Hooking Up With a Girl for 3 Weeks. I’m Over it, Do...

I would say, no. If it has been a physical thing and she sees it the same way there is no need to make her feel awkward. Just be sure of the way you feel so you don't go back when you get the urge you need some.

My Girlfriend Flirts with My Friends, Should I say Something?

Be careful. Unless she's rubbing all over them at the bar, you're implying the flirting means something. That will make her feel self-conscious and feel like she's done something wrong.

7 Dating Tips: Times have changed but the Rules Remain the Same

These dating tips will help you tap into your inner smoothness without changing who you are on the surface. It’s all about having a plan..

Facebook Pickup Lines – Women Reveal What Works!

A great video by Ben Ezra. Women discuss what they like and dislike about men and their pickup lines on Facebook.com.

How to Date Beautiful Women

A video by the beautiful Marni Wing: 10 most about women you NEED to know.

My Girl Called Off the Wedding but Wants to Stay Together, Should I Stay?

I once had a boyfriend tell me we shouldn't be living together. I knew right then it was over. I instantly moved out and we broke up a few days later. Calling off a planned wedding is a huge drop

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