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Weight Loss advice, information and tips for men.

3 Fat Blasting Alternatives to Traditional Cardio

Let’s face it, very few people really enjoy spending endless hours on a treadmill or elliptical, but as much as nutrition plays a vital role in fat loss there...

6 Positive Daily Weight Loss Habits for Men

There are no quick-fix solutions to losing a significant amount of weight and keeping it off for the long haul, but by gradually improving your daily habits you can ensure that your path to success will be a far smoother one.

3 Weight Loss Hacks for Men

There is no denying that to lose weight consistently you must be burning more calories on a daily basis than you consume, making it important to participate in frequent exercise while remaining mindful of the amount of food you’re eating.

Top 3 Weight-Loss Diets for Men

In this article we’re going to take a look at the three best weight-loss diets for men so that you can choose the one that best suits your lifestyle and finally begin enjoying the results you’ve been looking for.

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5 Benefits of the Elliptical Machine

Bored on the treadmill? The Elliptical Machine may be just the change of pace you need. The Elliptical is a great addition to any workout at the gym or addition to your home gym. It’s a total body workout with plenty of benefits.

Is the Squat Exercise Safe for Me?

Squats are a very misunderstood exercise. The thought that they cause injury has been tossed around since the 1950’s. It is rumored that the squats' reputation went south after the US Army banned them in the 1960’s.