Should You Consider Buying A “Smartbed”?

The creation of products like Luna, a relatively inexpensive way to take advantage of smartbed technology, shows that this is not as much a luxury item as it once was. But is it worth it?

FCC’s Tom Wheeler Announces Major Proposal For Net Neutrality

After more than a decade of squabbling, shady loopholes and uncertain policies, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has released his new proposal strongly supporting Net Neutrality. The move was expected, but...

Artificial Intelligence: Why Something So Far Off Is So Relevant Now

Some of the greatest minds of the modern age are terrified of artificial intelligence, and what it could mean for our planet. But are they right to be concerned now, when such technology is still in the beginning stages of automation like the JIBO robot, and Cortana?

Best Tablets To Buy In 2015

The year 2015 is already proving to be a good one for tablets, and these are some of the best to get in the next twelve months.

Turning Your Home Into A Tech Lover’s Paradise

There are some impressive high tech homes out there. Mansions with massive security systems, Nest thermostats, Ismart Alarms and 4 Home Automation Systems are just a few things you can find

5 iPhone Fitness Apps to Revamp Your Workouts

If you’ve been finding that your workouts are starting to feel a little stale and you’re not sure what to do, fear not because we have just the selection of iPhone apps you need to kick start your motivation.

Uber’s Plans For Self Driving Taxis

Uber has had a couple of mixed months, recently. They have expanded a great deal, and become the premier taxi service app and ride-on-demand company internationally.

Google Announces Project Ara, The First Swappable Module Phone

In a world where apps allow for greater control over smartphones, people have some to expect adaptability in their devices. Google has decided to takes things a few steps further, Project Ara gives users the ability to quickly switch out actual hardware

3 Easy Tips to Instantly Improve your Cybersecurity

In the last year, major cyber security breaches have occurred throughout the country and affected millions of American consumers. Retail giants like Target and Home Depot are struggling to detect and repel malicious hackers

5 Apps That Give You A Workout Without Any Equipment

We have previously done a post here at Mensbe about iPhone apps that can freshen up your workout. But what about apps for both the Android and iPhone? If you want a constant stream of new fitness recommendations without any equipment needed (except your smartphone), check these five out.

Strings, The Latest Messaging App That Lets You Take It All Back

A new app is causing a bit of a splash in the mobile messaging world. Strings app allows you to communicate with other friends who have it installed, and separate conversations into an email-like format.

Xbox One vs. PS4

The newest gaming consoles are in a heated battle for supremacy. The Xbox One from Microsoft and the PS4 from Sony represent the latest and greatest

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Rhonda Rousey Has a New Training Coach

Not much has been seen of Ronda Rousey since Amanda Nunes beat her to a pulp. The mega star has resurfaced with a new...

5 Benefits of the Elliptical Machine

Bored on the treadmill? The Elliptical Machine may be just the change of pace you need. The Elliptical is a great addition to any workout at the gym or addition to your home gym. It’s a total body workout with plenty of benefits.

Is the Squat Exercise Safe for Me?

Squats are a very misunderstood exercise. The thought that they cause injury has been tossed around since the 1950’s. It is rumored that the squats' reputation went south after the US Army banned them in the 1960’s.

Does an Apple a Day Keep the Doctor Away?

The saying of “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is actually a paraphrase of the Welsh saying from 1866 “‘eat an apple going to bed, and you'll keep the doctor from earning his bread'.

Wladimir Klitschko to Fight Bryant Jennings at Madison Square Garden

Unified heavyweight boxing champion Wladimir Klitschko will return to Madison Square Garden to face undefeated contender Bryant Jennings on April 25. The fight marks Klitschko’s first on U.S soil (and at MSG) since February 2008