Details of Samsung’s Galaxy J-1 “Entry Level” Device Finally Leaked

Word has been going around for a while that Samsung was planning to release Galaxy J-1 “entry-level” smartphone that is cheaper and more accessible to consumers. Based on the leaked images, there is an unveiling date of January 14, so tomorrow.

Microsoft’s Windows 10 Event Shows New Advances, Both Current and Coming

Windows 10 unveiling event was focused mainly on the new operating system. But a handful of other announcements made it a much more exciting reveal than anyone expected.

4 Things That Happened This Week In The Tech World You Want To Know...

The tech world moves fast, and unless you are paying close attention you could miss some pretty cool advances or changes in the industry. Google, Facebook and Apple all had..

Artificial Intelligence: Why Something So Far Off Is So Relevant Now

Some of the greatest minds of the modern age are terrified of artificial intelligence, and what it could mean for our planet. But are they right to be concerned now, when such technology is still in the beginning stages of automation like the JIBO robot, and Cortana?

Should You Consider Buying A “Smartbed”?

The creation of products like Luna, a relatively inexpensive way to take advantage of smartbed technology, shows that this is not as much a luxury item as it once was. But is it worth it?

3 Easy Tips to Instantly Improve your Cybersecurity

In the last year, major cyber security breaches have occurred throughout the country and affected millions of American consumers. Retail giants like Target and Home Depot are struggling to detect and repel malicious hackers

3 Tech Events To Keep Your Eye On For 2015

There are still a few tech events that you can keep an eye on, and at the very least they should provide a fascinating glance into where we stand as technology jumps forward in incredible ways.

Gaming Deals To Take Advantage Of This Week

There are so many great, good and adequate games out there, it is unreal. Where the world of gaming, especially console, used to be a mixed bag when it came to entertainment and quality, things have evened out a lot in recent years.

Sony Introduces New Walkman (That You’d Have To Be Crazy To Buy)

Anyone who has any semblance of interest in modern technology had an inkling that Sony would be introducing a new Walkman device at the CES 2015 conference this year.

Google Announces Project Ara, The First Swappable Module Phone

In a world where apps allow for greater control over smartphones, people have some to expect adaptability in their devices. Google has decided to takes things a few steps further, Project Ara gives users the ability to quickly switch out actual hardware

Turning Your Home Into A Tech Lover’s Paradise

There are some impressive high tech homes out there. Mansions with massive security systems, Nest thermostats, Ismart Alarms and 4 Home Automation Systems are just a few things you can find

Crowdfunded Projects That Prove The Future Of Robotics Is Upon Us

Crowdfunded projects involving robots are especially exciting. Not only are they consumer-focused, but they are independently crafted and sold by small studios working on the tech. These four Kickstarter and IndieGoGo robots show just how far things have come.

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