Robotics is one industry that has improved in development so quickly that it is astonishing. Much of the technology remained stagnant, and mostly within production industries. Now, robots are becoming so prevalent that they are going to be in people’s homes very soon.

Crowdfunded projects involving robots are especially exciting. Not only are they consumer-focused, but they are independently crafted and sold by small studios working on the tech. These four Kickstarter and IndieGoGo robots show just how far things have come.

1 – JIBO

Dr. Cynthia Breazeal made some serious waves last year when she launched a project for JIBO, the first family robot. As a robot with artificial intelligence, JIBO has an actual personality. He makes jokes, reads stories to kids, interacts with you on a personal level, gives reminders, takes photos, teaches, connects to your home to run functions (temperature control and lighting), and a lot more. It even recognizes family members and friends based on face recognition.

More than 4,800 of these JIBO robots were preordered, and a number were donated to Boston’s Children’s Hospital.

2 – Personal Robot

Speaking of robots with personalities, Personal Robot does more than just recognize faces, she recognizes signs of emotion. It is an incredible leap in A.I, and comes alongside many other impressive features. She can tell you how long and how well you slept, measure resting heart rate, guard your home from intruders or contact authorities in cases of emergencies, connect to house appliances, and move around on her own.

She also acts as a personal assistant. So you can take her to the office with you, or use her to work from home.

3 – Bartendro

Not all robots are meant to be social. This one is just there to get you a stiff drink. Bartendro is programed to mix together up to two hundred different cocktail combinations from all over the world. It does this within seconds, quickly pouring your drink so you can get back to the party. You run the menu through your smartphone, adjusting it to your own preferences, or the type of party. If you want to monitor how much alcohol has been consumed, it provides the data in detailed reports.

Never has getting drunk been so high tech.

4 – Romo

At first glance, Romo might not seem as impressive as the other robots on this list. But it is a fascinating concept that is improved by one simple fact: it’s capabilities are dependent on apps, not on the hardware itself. As new apps are developed, it gains more functions. This puts the potential of Romo in the hands of developers.

This adaptability makes this one of the most functional projects on this list, even if those functions have not yet been realized.

Do you have any robots you want to add to this list? Worried about our coming enslavement when the machines take over? Leave a comment, and let’s talk about it!