Highlight reels will be playing Odell Beckham Jr.’s awesome catch for months. The New York Giant wide receiver made a monstrous grab in the second quarter, overcoming pass interference and gravity to snatch a 43-yard pass out of the sky with one hand. But the Cowboys wouldn’t let the crowd-pleasing play steal their momentum. They kept the game close, eventually retaking the lead with a game-winning TD. Tony Romo’s last minute pass to Dez Bryant brought the score 31-28 with just a minute left to play and gave the Cowboys’ their fifth consecutive win away from home and eighth win overall.

The game’s top performers were on both lines of scrimmage. Besides his catch, Beckham had 10 receptions for 146 yards and 2 TDs. New York Giants QB Eli Manning had a strong first half, scoring two TDs and earning the Giants’ largest lead the entire game early. He would go on to finish the game with 338 yards and three TDs, but gave up a crucial interception in the third quarter just yards from the end zone.

The Cowboys converted the pick in just a few plays, and shortly after, they had all but squashed the excitement from Beckham’s first half catch. Romo threw two TDs in the third quarter, giving the Cowboys their first lead of the game. Romo threw for 275 yards in the game with 4 TDs, thanks to a strong offensive line that gave him plenty of time to make the right passes and make good use of all his receivers. Dez Bryant was the most productive receiver for the Cowboys, with 7 receptions for 87 yards. Bryant had two TDs in the game, including the winning catch in the fourth quarter.

The New York Giants’ record dropped to 3-8, knocking them from NFC East contention for the playoffs. Analysts are speculating that a coaching change may be necessary, but the biggest problem in Sunday’s game seemed to be the defensive rush. Their next game is against the struggling Jacksonville Jaguars, but most fans will be looking forward to the next season.

Dallas has a strong record after this win, bringing them to 8-3 for the season. They’re tied for first among the NFC East teams, with the same record as the Philadelphia Eagles. The two teams will face off in their next game, pitting the Cowboys’ leading rushing game against the Eagles’ iffy defense but strong passing game.