The saying of “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is actually a paraphrase of the Welsh saying from 1866 “‘eat an apple going to bed, and you’ll keep the doctor from earning his bread’.  If only those Welshmen knew how incredibly dead on they were about that!  Simply eating an apple a day has some of the most unbelievable positive effects on your health.

Apples have been considered a healthy snacks for ions.  Most people know they are jammed with vitamin C and are really a convenient healthy snack on the go.  But apples are more than just a great vitamin C source, they are loaded with fiber.  The skin in particular is pretty much all fiber.  Apples supply a unique form of fiber called pectin.  This pectin is the same thing used in making jams and canning foods.  It has a kind of bulking or thickening property to it.  So, when you eat an apple, you add an awesome dose of fiber to your system, but also the pectin thickens and thus takes longer to digest.  This can stave off hunger for 1 to 2 hours. (1)

Did you know that apples are cancer fighters?  Apples are like an anti-cancer bomb that attacks cancer cells in your body.  Even more than just attack, apples dominate.  In a 2008 study performed by the German Cancer Research Center, they found that eating one or more apples a day “reduced the risk of oral cancer, cancer of the voice box, breast cancer, colon cancer, kidney and ovarian cancer.”  (2)

How does it do this?  Cancer plots a course of destruction this way:  a) DNA mutates then comes b) oxidation, inflammation and hormones kick on (called the promotion stage) and c) it metastasis occurs (spreading throughout your body).  Apples block all 3 of these stages.  It is an anti-mutagenic, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory monster!

An apple’s amazing qualities hardly end there.  They also help lower cholesterol due to containing phenols,  which actually lower the bad cholesterol and raise the good – its two great things in one convenient fruit! Apples are low in calories, rich in flavonoids (anti-oxidants), and even have phytonutrients which prevent neurodegenerative disease (like Alzheimer’s).  It carries anti-bacterial properties that fight 80% of the bacteria in your mouth – an amazing tool to fight tooth decay. On top of all the good qualities they have, one of the best is that they actually taste good.  Finally, something healthy that tastes great!

Is there a more perfectly complete fruit than an apple?  What more could you ask for?  It’s easy to carry, you eat it raw, you can eat all the apples you want since its low calories, and, it fights a ton of diseases in your body.  It is truly amazing.  An apple a day may not keep you from ever having to go to the doctor, but with all its redeeming qualities, it should be able to keep those doctor visits very few and far between.