The Bears were treated to a serious beat-down at the hands of the Green Bay Packers last Sunday with a score of 55-14 and Bears fans’ groaning could be heard all across the Internet. Chicago fans have seen their team lose two consecutive games by allowing more than 50 points and their disappointment was an easy target for the satirists at The Onion. On Feb. 11, writers at the spoof newspaper quoted a hilarious post-game assessment to quarterback Jay Cutler and Bears fans everywhere tore into him with new furor.

“I’ll be the first to admit we need a new punter.” – Jay Cutler

With a barely 50% pass completion rate for just over 200 yards in the game, Cutler added one TD and one interception to his record. With 15 turnovers for 18 TDs this season, Cutler’s performance has been far from adequate. To be fair, the Bears’ defense has been less than stellar as well, but nobody’s making fake quotes for them. Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers was able to put up 18 passes for 315 yards with 6 TDs. The Bears were already down 40 points by halftime, but The Onion added insult to injury.

Twitter exploded with angry fans and loads of sarcasm, bewilderment, and insults. Sadly, most fans were not surprised. In fact they were eager to believe that their lazy quarterback was the reason for their team’s terrible performance. Cutler’s been criticized in the past for his lax training standards and general indifference to leading his team to victories. In reality, Cutler took full responsibility for his play in the press conference.

“We have to get better, and it starts with me.” – The Real Jay Cutler

The Bears have struggled to put points on the board this season. The team has not been able to score in the first quarter for four consecutive games and they’re leading the NFL in turnovers. The major problem seems to be an overall lack of confidence and the hasty judgments of the Bears fan base pose a severe challenge to this mental block. With their record standing at 3-6 so far in the 2014 season and their star receiver, Brandon Marshall, out with an ankle injury, it seems unlikely the Bears will be able to make their fans happy this year. Hopefully, Bears fans will at least keep their sense of humor strong.