There are two different types of men that seek to increase their testosterone; the ones that have low testosterone levels, and the ones that seek to gain muscle faster and naturally. Testosterone supplements are available across the internet for all sorts of affordable prices, but with them come risk such as gyno and liver damage. This is the reason why you want to consume whole foods that increase your testosterone naturally, and in a matter of weeks you will start to feel a change in how your body feels.

What is Testosterone used for?

Testosterone is the primary hormone used within the male body, and accounts for more than just a great sex drive. This hormone is responsible for muscle and bone growth, hair growth, and sperm production. However, testosterone levels can decrease over time starting as early as the age of 30. The primary reasons a man not in his late 30’s would want testosterone increases are usually to benefit from muscle gains and bone health. Research shows that men with higher testosterone levels are capable of having higher strength and energy levels, which allows muscles to grow at a quick and steady pace.

The following foods are capable of increasing your testosterone production naturally, and the primary vitamin being looked at is vitamin D. This vitamin gives you the ability to absorb calcium better, which is why you find it in the grocery store milk. Research showed that individuals consuming vitamin D rich nutrients had higher testosterone levels and weight loss.

1) Tuna

Tuna is a fish of the sea that is better known for its protein benefits, but this fish is also very high in vitamin D and low in calories, which is why it is a food staple for bodybuilders. You can increase your testosterone with an average diet of tuna since one serving fulfills your daily requirement. However, tuna contains mercury that can cause serious injuries if consumed in high quantities.

2) Various Beans

White, black, and kidney beans are great for male health and provide vitamin D to keep your testosterone levels balanced. They also contain plant based protein that is known for providing your heart with defenses against disease and illness. Baked beans are easier for most people to eat because of the taste, but they are not as high in vitamin D as the previous beans stated.

3) Portobello Mushrooms 

Mushrooms taste great with burgers, spaghetti, and on top of a nice T-bone steak, but the better part about them is that they are a good source for vitamin D to naturally increase your testosterone levels. A diced cup of this mushroom provides you with 85 grams of vitamin D, which is 64% of your daily requirement.

4) Fortified Cereals

Cereal brands such as Kellogg’s fortify their cereal with vitamin D since it is becoming a common occurrence for children to be deficient in this nutrient. However, men benefit from them as well since they also contain plenty of fiber and carbohydrates to keep the body pumping energy until the next meal. Cereal can be high in processed sugar, however, so ensure you watch the amount of sugar you consume.

5) Oysters

Oysters are well known for being an aphrodisiac, but your main want from them is the mineral zinc. Research shows that men suffering from low testosterone levels are deficient in zinc, and eating this sea creature allows men throughout adulthood the chance to keep the testosterone hormones in balance.

Food is the best source for natural testosterone boosting since you do not have to worry about any serious side effects. Vitamin D supplementation is available and pose little risk compared to testosterone supplements, and may go well with a proper diet and exercise program. Remember to speak with a doctor prior to switching your diet if you have had any medical conditions.