If more of the general public realized how easy it was to become a millionaire the world would be a much happier place. There are so many people that take one look at the idea and instantly think, “no way I’ll ever have a million dollars.” I will tell you, if you are one of these people then you are right, you never will. The first step in acquiring money is knowing it’s possible, and I can tell you from experience, “It is Possible.”

My name is Gary, I’m 51 yrs old and I am a millionaire. I realized at the age of 45 that I had to change my life and my way of thinking, so I did. I had always made a decent amount of money, 30-50k annually but always had that sick feeling that I was broke, just getting by. This way of thinking is a hard thing to shake. My family was this way, their family was this way, it was a hereditary way of thinking. This way of thinking was born into me at an early age through my family environment. It’s kind of like welfare, ever notice how people on welfare, 75% of them have a family history on welfare, it’s born into them and unless they focus on changing the way they think, their kids will have the same habits….living on welfare. Lesson 1: Change your way of thinking.

I am writing this series on “How to Make $1 Million before Retirement” in hopes it will help people realize just how easy it is to become a millionaire. I am going to share my experiences, the things I did and exactly how I became a millionaire. Please excuse my grammar through-out this series, I have not had much schooling. I quit school in 9th grade to work on a farm to help support my family.

The first thing I did was start saving money. This is critical, you will never be successful if you don’t have the ability to save money. On my 45th birthday I started saving 20% of my earning in a separate saving account titled “ME.” I considered this savings account as me, this was my capital, this was what I was worth, this was “ME.” After doing this for 3-4 weeks I noticed that I didn’t even miss the 20% that was missing from my income, never felt a thing. Now after 20 years of telling myself I didn’t have enough money to save, I was doing it. Not only was I doing it but never noticed one bit of difference in my everyday lifestyle. It does not matter how much you are making or how much you put away, you just need to do it. There is law behind this that I can not explain, but I can tell you from experience, “it works.”

The second thing I did was started doing more then which I was paid to do. You will never get ahead if you are one of those that have the attitude “I’m not doing that, they don’t pay me to do that.” That type of attitude will keep you in the poor-house for a long time, maybe forever. I remember when I started doing this, I was working as an electrician at a modular home factory at the time, plus doing some online advertising. Within two weeks of doing more then paid my boss gave a raise, right out of the blue. I was excited that my plan had actually taken some action. Please understand that becoming a millionaire is a mind-set, a way of thinking, you need to think in a positive way and get-along with people, everyone. Since I have changed my way of thinking, many of the people that I wouldn’t have given the time-of-day before have become my keys to success.