The iPhone 6 is the latest addition to the Apple device armada and offers some marked improvements over its predecessor. If you’re wary of updating from your 5S, here are some of the points that could make or break your decision to upgrade. Here are the pros and cons of the new iPhone 6.


Bigger, Sharper Display

The most significant improvement to the iPhone 6 is the bigger display. For years, Apple was resistant to the idea of a larger screen. They were holding out the hope that people would prefer a useful phone that only needed one hand to operate, but competitors in the market showed them that the public was craving more dazzle. The iPhone 6 has a 4.7 inch screen with a crisper display than before. If you’re looking for an even bigger screen, check out the iPhone 6 Plus with its 5.5 inch screen.

Better LTE and Wi-Fi

The ability to connect to the Internet has been improved on the newest model of iPhone. With faster LTE and Wi-Fi, the iPhone 6 has an overall speedier connection. Download speeds are slightly better and upload speeds are noticeably quicker.

Apple Pay

One of the most groundbreaking features on the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is the Apple Pay system. Although Apple Pay doesn’t launch until October, there is a lot of hype over the possibilities of the new phone-based payment system. With just a swipe of your smartphone, you can make payments and purchases at a wide range of merchants.


Unimproved Battery Life

Apple did not improve much on the batter life of their new models of smartphone. Claims made by Apple state that the newest phone gives an hour more web-browsing, an hour more video playback, 10 hours more audio playback, and 4 hours more talk time than their previous model. This is not the case for most users, who find that the phone generally tires in about the same time or less than their iPhone 5S.

Lacking Optical Stabilization

With a new camera, the pictures you can take on the iPhone 6 are noticeably higher-quality. Autofocus features have improved, but some types of image capturing still lack the quality of other competitors on the market. The optical stabilization is not included on the 6, though the 6 Plus has it, so night and low-light pictures remain a bit blurrier even with improved camera capacities.