The garage is a storage place of all things manly, so don’t let it go to ruin. Without keeping a carefully organized garage, you’ll risk losing or damaging your equipment and tools. Having everything in the right place is essential for getting the job done fast and efficiently. Spend a little extra time getting your garage organized and you will be much better able to tackle any job that springs up around the house and yard.


First and foremost, do your best to keep only the essentials stored in your garage. It’s tempting to the space for deep storage, but too much junk quickly makes your garage useless. Things get buried under other things and your careful storage plans amount to nothing when you can’t even reach the stuff you need. Try to keep an anti-packrat rule in mind: if you won’t use it in the next five years, don’t keep it. If that’s impossible, consider renting some extra storage space at a warehouse or storage facility. For those who can’t stand to see something go to waste, consider donating or recycling.

Go Vertical

A seriously underutilized part of the garage is the ceiling. Aside from your garage door, there is a lot of vertical space to fill with your goods. Everything from sports equipment to yard tools to extra holiday decorations can be suspended from the ceiling using racks or screw hooks or wall pegs. Use your walls and your ceiling to maximize the volume of your garage, but make sure you leave enough head-space to walk through without hazards.

Shelving by Category 

Organizing your junk can be a daunting task, so use a system to keep it simple. The types of things you keep can easily be sorted into categories by their purpose and usage. For a good rule of thumb, our brain stores information best in four or less categories. It’s up to you to decide how to best sort your stuff, but consider how often you use things as a main sorting strategy. Tools and equipment that you use on a daily or weekly basis should be the most accessible. Examples of other types of categories are home improvement materials, automobile care supplies, or old clothing and kids’ toys. The more organized you keep your storage, the easier it will be to retrieve what you’re looking for and continue adding to your collections of stuff without losing track of older items.