There is some great news in the world of gaming today., which is dedicated to the cataloging and presentation of important historical artifacts online, has released nearly 2,400 classic MS-DOS games for you to play through their site.

Most of us have probably downloaded an emulator to run ROM’s at some point in the past. But times are changing, and it is now easier than ever to play these games thanks to You don’t have to download an emulator anymore, or run a single ROM through it.

Instead, you can go to the game archive on the site, and run the programs directly in your browser through their program. They feature fullscreen or dark background modes, and the ability to mute or unmute (you know you will be playing these at work all the time, now).

Unfortunately, there are some glitches in the games. They are old, the format has had to be adapted for browser use, and that makes them susceptible to bugs. One such issue comes with the sound. You may have it on mute to begin with, but it might not actually mute until you hit the button twice to unmute, then remute it. So turn down your speakers until you know for sure.

Another problem with some games is that they crash while playing, though this isn’t that common. The biggest issue you may have is that you can’t save and take up where you left off. You are pretty much stuck keeping a tab open and playing as you are able. Something that will hopefully change in the future, as the games are enhanced for online use.

Think of all of these as new games, not old ones. They are still in beta mode, prone to all the failures and challenges expected in the development stage.

There doesn’t appear to be a master list of the games available anywhere, so your best bet is navigating either by searching for the game you hope they have uploaded, or using the category buttons on the side of the screen.  These include the style of game, the language, and the platform they were originally made for.

Some examples of games they provide include:

  • Oregon Trail (Original and Deluxe)
  • Warlords II
  • The Leisure Suit Larry Series
  • Prehistorik 2
  • Dragon Lance: Champions of Krynn
  • Disney’s Duck Tales: The Quest For Gold
  • 4D Prince Of Persia
  • Centurion: Defender Of Rome
  • Digger
  • The Hobbit
  • Cobra Mission
  • Burger Blast
  • Space Racer
  • Lemmings 2: The Tribe
  • 3D Bomber
  • Wolfenstein 3D
  • Castle of Dr Brain
  • Carrier Command
  • SimCity
  • Donkey Kong
  • Mach 3

…and an endless list of other titles. Including some truly obscure ones I had all but forgotten about. Like Chex Quest I, II, and III, the game disks they used to put in boxes of Chex Cereal. Or Softporn II, which simulates a sexual encounter between a married woman and her lover in the most hilarious possible way.

Go check the games out for yourself.