Manny Pacquiao failed to deliver the knockout that he wanted, but his killer instinct will no longer be questioned.

Dominant Performance

Pacquiao, boxing’s only eight division world champion, punished WBO light welterweight champion Chris Algieri for twelve full rounds to score a very lopsided unanimous decision win before a sold out crowd of 13,301 on Sunday noon at the Cotai Arena in the Venetian Macay, China. Pacquiao scored six knockdowns against the younger and taller Algieri in a dominant performance that erased all doubts about his lack of killer instinct in his recent bouts.

With the win, the only question left in the minds of boxing fans and experts is whether he will be finally able to face the undefeated Pound for Pound King and fellow welterweight champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. in a mega fight that has been talked about for five years now. Negotiations for that bout have reached a stalemate in the past because of disputes in blood and drug testing and purse sharing. The talks virtually died in 2012 when Pacquiao lost back to back fights to Timothy Bradley and Juan Manuel Marquez. But with the win on Sunday, Pacquiao has now won three in a row, including a payback unanimous decision win over Bradley last April.

Punching Power Gone?

Aside from his killer instinct, pundits questioned where Pacquiao’s punching power had gone. The Filipino fighting congressman incredibly rose the weight classes with devastating knockout wins over Oscar De La Hoya, Ricky Hatton and Miguel Cotto. But after the Cotto fight in 2009 which was his first as a welterweight, Pacquaio hadn’t scored a knockout win. That drought has now increased to nine fights after Algieri withstood Pacquiao’s onslaught.

But it was a blowout as Pacquiao gave Algieri, who was a massive underdog in the fight, a beating he won’t forget. In round two, Pacquiao scored on a massive right hook that swelled Algieri’s left eye. He then landed a left hand that dropped an off-balanced Algieri. The Pacman continued to land at will on Algieri, connecting on solid head and body punches that began to soften Algieri. Algieri tried to put up some offense after round four, but it was obvious that Pacquiao was in a different league.

All Over But the Ending

By the middle rounds, Pacquiao had distanced himself from his challenger. The Pacman summoned his vaunted punching power and put Algieri down twice in round six. And instead of putting his foot off the gas pedal, Pacquiao kept looking for the kill . In the ninth, Pacquiao connected on his best punch of the night, a powerful left straight, that clearly hurt Algieri and seemed to keep him down for good. But the New York native got back to his feet, only to receive more punishment. Moments later, Algieri took a knee after a barrage of punches from the Filipino icon.

In the 10th, the same round when he backed off against Antonio Margarito, Pacquaio scored his sixth knockdown of the fight, and shutting down what was left of Algieri’s will. Pacquiao continued to punish Algieri until the final bell but the American rode his bicycle to avoid the knockout. Despite failing to come up with a KO, Pacquiao said after the bout that he was satisfied with his performance because he did his best.

So now that Pacquaio has proven that he still has it, the ball is now in Mayweather’s court. Floyd Mayweather finished his 2014 business last September with a second unanimous decision win over Marcos Maidana. The is no other opponent left for each man to face and there is no other fight the fans want to see from them. So will we finally see the fight next year?