The Oakland Raiders upset the Kansas City Chiefs to end a 16-game losing streak extending over two seasons and a full year of games. The final score was 24-20 and very few people were expecting the last place team to beat the first place Chiefs, who were on a 5-game winning streak of their own. Most spreads had Kansas City winning by at least 11, but the game was close until the very end.

The Raiders put the first points on the board, with a 60-yard drive completed by Latavius Murray’s 11-yard run for a TD. Murray was to be an important factor throughout the game, with 112 yards on 4 carries and a huge play in the second quarter. He notched a 90-yard run for their second TD, bringing their lead to a healthy 14 over the Chiefs.

The Chiefs had a sluggish start in the first half. QB Alex Smith had a decent performance, but most of his scoring came as a result of Oakland’s mishaps and failed coverage in the second half. Kansas City couldn’t get into the end zone in the first half, with just a field goal to their credit by halftime. During the third and fourth quarters, Smith completed two back-to-back touchdowns to close the gap and tie the game, both to tight ends. He’s still the only QB not to complete a TD-pass to a wide receiver this season.

The Chiefs took the lead with another field goal, but Oakland scored a TD with less than 2 minutes to seal the game at 24-20. On the Chief’s crucial final drive, they were stopped short of a first down conversion, leading to one of the game’s more memorable moments.

Oakland linebackers Sio Moore and Khalil Mack were a part of the sack that led to their team’s first victory in over a year. Moore was so happy with his last play, he pranced another 10 yards past the line of scrimmage to celebrate. Mack rendezvoused with Moore and initiated an elaborate hand-slap ritual they’d probably been waiting to perform for a long, long time during their losing streak. Meanwhile, the Chiefs lined up and prepared for a fast snap to use the rest of their game-time wisely. A time-out from Oakland coaches saved the two linebackers from costing their team a game altering penalty. With the clock safely drained, the Raiders could afford to really celebrate their win over the top-seated team in their division. The Chiefs fell behind the Broncos with a 7-4 record for the season and the Raiders improved to 1-10.