In today’s technology-driven workplace, keeping your desk organized can be a constant puzzle of untangling cords and locating the right device for the task at hand. Don’t lose time and energy in a maze of wires. Using binder clips to attach your loose cords to the side of your desk will keep them off the floor and out of your desk space but still close at hand. Once clipped in place, the metal handles on the clips are a great place to thread USBs, chargers, and other cords with small male-end connections to gently hold them in place. Binder clips are a low-cost solution to desk clutter and here are some of the best reasons to use this life-hack in your office.

Cheap and Widely Available

Binder clips can be purchased at any office supply store for less than five bucks. No matter how many cords and accessories you have, you will be able to get a clip for them all. If you’re feeling generous, you can even share your new life-hack with coworkers. It seems that there will always be more cords and new devices, so this is one organization strategy that keeps on giving even as devices are constantly updated.

Useful for Most Accessories

Whether you need to keep your laptop charger in place, organize all of your USB cables, or make a handy hook to store your headphones, binder clips can make almost any surface into a better place for storage and organization. You can attach as many as will fit along the side of your desk and if you use bulkier bulldog clips, you can support even heavier items without any worries.


Some life-hacks are immediately recognizable because of their shoddy construction, but binder clips are small and discrete. Rather than sacrificing more desk space to an elaborate organizing scheme, these tiny clips can be almost invisible. For the least intrusiveness, place the clips along the side or back of your desk. With the proper placement, you won’t even notice them until you need to.