We all have to eat, but feeding yourself can take up precious hours of the day. If you want to maximize your productivity and avoid the temptation of convenient fast-food, take some extra time to make a weekly meal plan at the start of each week. There are number of benefits to this strategy, but the bottom line is that it will make your regular eating habits more efficient and much more manageable.

Shopping Ahead of Time

The most beneficial aspect of making a weekly meal plan is that you will know exactly what you need from the store and can get it all in a single trip. Shopping takes the most time when you are constantly making small trips, so plan ahead to get it all done in one swoop. You’ll be thanking yourself in the middle of the week when your fridge is still full.

Cooking and Cleaning

If you know exactly which meal to make each day, you can effectively plan your cooking and cleaning times. Pick meals that have short prep times on days that you will have less time and spend more time on bigger meals when you’ve got the free time for them. Cooking and cleaning are the labor of feeding yourself, so maximize your efficiency by planning out your meals by their prep times.

Reducing Indecision

Ever stared into a fridge for longer than a minute? Sometimes we waste time just wondering what to eat next. The weekly meal plan will help you avoid these moments as much as possible. You can get as creative as you like ahead of time and avoid the boring dishes that are so easy to make.

Eating Healthier

Weekly meal plans are essential for people on diets, but they can have the same benefits for anyone. By choosing your meals more deliberately, you can avoid most of the foods that make we regret as soon as we eat. Especially in the case of fast food or dining out, you can save yourself some extra calories and a ton of money by picking meals that cater to your tastes and diet. Just a few minutes of planning can make a huge difference throughout the week for your health and wallet.