We live in a world where everything is “smart”. We have smartphones, smarthomes…even smartcars are on their way to being a reality on the market, not just in concept. The other day I became aware of a product that was released all the way back in 2013 that contains the “smart” moniker, a dog collar that tracks your dog’s location and health.

Making your every day devices and products more intelligent and intuitive is just a part of life now. But should that extend beyond how we go about our days, into how we spend our nights?

The Smartbed Revolution 

If you think about it, more intelligent beds have been around for awhile. There are sleep number beds that soften or harden due to your preference. There are medical beds that lift as needed to accommodate people with health issues, or who just prefer more control over their mattress. There are memory foam beds or covers that contour to the body.

For awhile we have been seeing changes in this industry that have been creating a more advanced product. Fitness trackers have features that monitor and analyze the quality of your sleep, and you can easily establish your circadian rhythm to set the most natural time to wake to avoid breaking into the middle of an REM cycle.

Right now, there are three types of smartbed that are more thorough.


Introduced by Sleep Number, the SleepIQ system is a bed with a series of sensors and monitoring features that provide details of your sleep patterns and potential problems through smartphone and tablet apps. It also allows those apps to control your “sleep number” to customize your mattress.

They have recently launched a series of SleepIQ compatible beds for children.


The second style of smartbed is Ohea, a brand that creates self-making beds. When everyone has gotten off of the mattress, a sensor is triggered that begins to “straighten” it, pulling together the linens and pillows to neatly make it.

You can switch it to manual if you don’t want the bed making itself every time you get up to use the bathroom.


Luna is the first truly accessible smartbed product, though it is still in its crowdfunding stage. Posted on  IndieGoGo, it is a mattress cover that can fit to your bed and provide details to your smartphone or tablet. It also manages your beds’ temperature through heating and cooling customized on each side, and can integrate with other smarthome devices.

It is available for king, queen or full.

Should You Give Into Smartbeds? 

The creation of products like Luna, a relatively inexpensive way to take advantage of smartbed technology, shows that this is not as much a luxury item as it once was. But is it worth it?

Sleep is one of the most important aspects of maintaining your health, stress levels, and happiness. If you are someone who struggles with sleeping through the night, it may be worth finding some product that helps you find out why, or just makes you more comfortable while you rest.