The home bar is a perfect addition to any man cave for a number of reasons: it brings friends into your home, it saves you money on drinks, and it lets you get creative with your booze. If you’ve ever spent an entire paycheck on a wild night out at the bar, you already know the value of having your own stock of booze. For those poker nights with the fellas or an evening with your lady, stocking the perfect home bar can go a long way.

Pick your Poison

Everyone has their preferences for drinks and your home bar should reflect yours. Don’t take other peoples’ favorites too deeply into account; this is your bar. That being said, try to get a wide sampling of the basics. The most important liquors to keep on hand are light or dark rum, a decent gin, vodka for the easy choice of mixers, whiskey you like, tequila for loud-music nights, and good bourbon for the class it brings to your drink selection. With these six drinks in your arsenal, no one will be disappointed with your selection. You can go much further past these choices, but keeping it simple will make it easy for your guests to pick their drinks. A massive bar can be an overwhelming sight for casual drinkers, but don’t be shy if mixology is your thing.

Keep it Fresh with Mixers

The non-alcoholic parts of your home bar are equally as important as the rest of its contents. First off, make sure you have some mixers available for all types of drinkers. Soda water, tonic, soft drinks, and plenty of ice will always be needed for mixing. Besides the liquid additions, you should also have some fresh options for flavor. Lemons, limes, and oranges can do a lot to add some pep to your drinks.

Restock Supplies and Ask for Favorites

Try to keep everything in your bar well-stocked for those unpredictable nights. When you’re deep into your drinks, you shouldn’t be going out for more supplies (especially if you have to drive). Avoid this problem by stocking your bar ahead of time. If you are expecting guests, you can even ask them what they like to drink and have it ready for their visit. It’s your bar, so keep the pressure off yourself as a host by planning ahead.