A new app is causing a bit of a splash in the mobile messaging world. Strings app allows you to communicate with other friends who have it installed, and separate conversations into an email-like format. But most impressively, it lets you remove messages from both your own phone, and that of the other users you sent it to.

Saying Something You Will Regret Becomes A Bit Less Likely

“Regret apps” are nothing new. These are programs that give you a certain level of control over what you share.

Snapchat is one example, though with the ability to screenshot, and the database that collected messages, it kind of defeated the purpose. Wickr is perhaps a better one, which destroys your messages entirely within a time span you set by default, or manually. Even Skype allows you to remove things you have said via text within the app.

Strings goes a bit further. As long as you are messaging within the app itself, to someone also using the app, you can pull back the ‘string’ on a message so it is removed from both sides. That includes group messages with multiple people, where the regrettable text will be pulled from all participants’ phones.

Addition benefits of this have been pointed out by users who have already given it a whirl. One reviewer said that they like sharing photos and videos of their kids, but are reluctant to do it on Facebook due to privacy concerns. With Strings, they can share them only with who they want, then remove them without worrying about the content remaining.

Because the other users are unable to screenshot or save anything you share without permission, it gives you a bit more reliability and safety than other apps currently on the market. But it doesn’t make the destruction of messages mandatory the way that apps like Wickr do. This appears to be the right balance.

Deleting Your Account 

A final safety procedure comes with deleting your account from the Strings network. Everything you have ever shared, whether messages or content, will be deleted on all devices you have shared them too.

This is a helpful nuclear option that many apps could benefit from. Just imagine being able to strike the record when you breakup with someone, especially if you were exchanging more intimate content and photos that you don’t want them to have at the end of the relationship.

Free To Use, Free Of Advertisements 

You can download Strings to your iPhone right now. It is free to use, and doesn’t have any advertisements. They never sell your information or content.

They also appear to have learned from Snapchat’s mistakes following the massive leak of more than 200,000 photos and messages from their secret “database”.

At the moment, it cannot be downloaded for Android. Hopefully a Google Play app is coming in the near future, and is just as well integrated. Since it only works with both sides using the app, this doesn’t help those who are friends with Android owners.