The newest gaming consoles are in a heated battle for supremacy. The Xbox One from Microsoft and the PS4 from Sony represent the latest and greatest improvements in gaming technology. Released in the same year, they are the top competitors for gamers’ adoration across the planet. Here’s a breakdown of how they match up.


Originally, the PS4 was the winner for the battle of cost. At $399, the PS4 was cheaper than the Xbox One as it was originally priced. However, Microsoft took note of the difference and offered a different package for reduced cost. The original Xbox One package included the Kinect camera for a price of $499, but developers have since removed the Kinect to bring the price down to $399. The consoles are even now.


Depending on the type of gamer you are, the battle of better graphics is decided by two factors: clarity with high pixel-count or video-processing speed. For single player and expansive environments, the PS4 offers greater clarity at a resolution of 1080p. The Xbox One has a slightly lower average resolution for its games (just barely), but makes up for it with a powerful graphics card that can process the video load with fewer snags. The amount of detail on the PS4 can actually cause lag in high-action scenarios where a second or two of delay will make a difference. So for multiplayer reliability, pick the Xbox One. For a slightly finer attention to detail, choose the PS4.


It’s still early for both consoles, so the list of Xbox exclusive and Playstation exclusive games is short. Most of the Xbox staples remain dependable favorites with new installments set to be released for the Xbox One: Halo 5, Gears of War 4, Dead Rising 3. But a recent newcomer, Titanfall, has drawn a ton of attention to the Xbox One. On PS4, the biggest upcoming exclusive games include Uncharted 4, The Order 1886, and The Witness. Already released favorites are Killzone: Shadow and Infamous: Second Son. Ultimately, the console you choose will depend on your personal preference for games and the choice your friends make if you’re a multiplayer-type gamer.


Both consoles have added a lot of great features to tout their cutting-edge development. From the Kinect on the Xbox One to the PS4 Camera, these consoles have tried to develop a new series of games that utilize body movements for a more virtual gaming experience. Sadly, the games for these cameras are not very interesting yet.

The controllers have also undergone some upgrades with a focus on ergonomics. The Xbox One has added Impulse Triggers in the shoulder buttons for better rumble effects and a sleeker D-pad for easier use. The PS4 controllers have added a front touchpad and controller microphone for greater complexity of interactions with voice recognition. The control sticks also have deeper pivots for easier precision. Overall, the PS4 has added more improvements to their last console’s controllers, but the Xbox One had fewer problems to correct. Again, personal preference is the deciding factor.

In terms of apps, both consoles allow users to stream many types of entertainment. Netflix, Amazon Instant, Redbox Instant, and Hulu Plus are available on both consoles. Xbox One has some more apps that are sure to draw a bigger crowd, including ESPN, NFL, FX Now, and Twitch. Not to mention the Microsoft apps of Skype and Internet Explorer. The PS4 offers NBA Game Time and NHL Game Center to pull in some sports fans. But apps are broader on Xbox and they’ve removed their pay-to-use condition, helping them take the cake for apps.